About Us

esi Techtrans, Inc.
esi Techtrans is a unique business building services company with extensive experience in promoting and facilitating business between Europe and the U.S. We work in industries ranging from start-ups and technology, to major consumer goods and retail, fast moving sectors that require a local presence, a thorough understanding of the marketplace and of local business practices.

Founded in 1984, the unique Techtrans' vision and approach originated with the recognition that our clients in the U.S. and Scandinavia, later expanded to all of Europe, required very specialized and individually tailored services.

Nearly three decades of successful business development and incubator service experience have secured an extensive and well-established contact base with senior business executives, lawyers, government agencies/representatives, and other local and international professional advisors.

esi Techtrans has a professional management team with the experience and knowledge of both American and European business practices. With team members holding advanced degrees in engineering, business administration and marketing, our combined scope of expertise required for successful international business development, as well as our understanding of high-tech products and services, makes us your perfect partner to guide you in your overseas expansion.

Our Product Group takes on products and represents them on the US market to quickly facilitate market development and sales.

Often requested as speakers and moderators at industry events, we actively participate in the professional community, keeping our "ear to the ground" for the latest developments on both continents.

We only handle assignments we believe in and are excited about. This allows us to bring the highest degree of enthusiasm and creative thought to each venture we undertake. Our closely integrated team is flexible and multi-tasking allowing for customization of our services according to your specific needs. Most importantly, assignments are handled efficiently, effectively and delivered with the utmost degree of quality.

California is one of the strongest economies in the world today and a leader in the high-tech industry, medical device industry , environmental industry, entertainment and content development industry, agriculture industry to mention a few. Many entrepreneurs have established their business in this open-minded, thriving environment. Being headquartered in Los Angeles, California gives Techtrans' clients a "competitive edge" allowing for a huge strategic market advantage.

At esi Techtrans, we believe that the basis of every successful and enduring business relationship lies in human values and human relationships. People make business! Consistently staying in touch with this human dimension fosters understanding and cooperation between esi Techtrans and our clients and assures our mutual success.

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