Services Tailored to your Needs

esi Techtrans offers a number of consulting services tailored to the needs and requirements of the various stages of market maturity, whether entering the US for the first time or realigning existing strategies and channels.

All of our services are customized to our clients' special needs and include the following:

Market Entry Guidance: Once we identify your needs in regards to a specific market, we conduct a feasibility study, promptly revealing the viability of entering the market. Company positioning, development of a marketing & sales strategy, distribution plans, and assistance in overcoming cultural business differences are typically part of this first guided step. Results of the study will allow you to refocus your strategy, without delay, if necessary.

Incubator Service (US only): esi Techtrans will take your company from step one in the US to complete functionality. Your company will have an office and local representation from day one. By choosing Techtrans as your strategic partner as you establish your business in the US, you are minimizing your financial risk, and can be assured that you are entrusting an experienced local team with your venture, thus gaining tremendous timesaving benefits for your company.

Establishment of Local Operation: esi Techtrans will assist you in defining your local presence. This is a hands-on task, calling upon extensive experience, hard-earned relationships and excellent contacts with real estate agents, recruiters, bankers and other key professionals. Insights into the labor market, regional formalities, local federations and institutions complete the picture for solidly establishing your local operation.

Partner/Distributor/Investor Search: Calling upon long and well-established relationships, esi Techtrans identifies partners, distributors and/or investors for your business. A thorough and systematic search of the market, including evaluation of different distribution strategies is of primary interest.

Acquisition and Joint Venture Execution: A common growth strategy in IT, semiconductors and medical technology is to combine the ideas, technologies and staff resources available in two companies or two countries. Capitalizing on these opportunities requires a well-trained advisory team that clearly understands both markets and business practices, circumventing possible pitfalls and ensuring a professional result. In conjunction with legal experts within the US, Techtrans assists you through the entire merger and acquisition and change management process.

Growth/Expansion Strategy: Establishing the correct focus, gained through an active, ongoing dialogue will support your growth strategy. Topics such as your short and long term strategies, business culture differences and market and political changes will continually be addressed. Techtrans is pleased to remain in an advisory position to your upper management for continued assistance in your growth in this new market. In order to further expand, we can also handle projects for you such as tradeshow coordination and representation, sales-lead generation, client search, etc.

Business and Marketing Strategy: Due to the significant differences between the two continents with regards to attitudes and behaviors of both consumers and businesses, a particular product may need to be positioned and marketed in very different ways in each area. Our consultants have extensive strategic planning experiences to ensure you enter the market place successfully.

Brand Building and Positioning: Techtrans consultants have worked with some of the most recognized brands in the US and in Sweden, and can help orchestrate the many details of launching, promoting or re-branding of products or companies. In today's crowded technology field, where a "cool" technology once was enough to gain attention, increasingly it is skillful branding that brings success.

Building Internal and External Marketing Communication Organizations: Successful marketing is often a matter of execution of hundreds of details, ranging from nurturing your "Big Idea" to creating the final execution in brochures, ads, trade shows, etc. We have worked within corporate marketing organizations and agencies, and can help you to find and manage the most optimal combination of resources and vendors for your needs.

Advisory Board and Special Assignments: Even successful and established operations face new opportunities and adversities. Long distances and cultural differences can add to these challenges. Techtrans will assign seasoned advisors to help you address your needs as they arise.


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